Healthy Mommies, Healthy Babies
A passionate advocate for maternal and fetal health, Sarah Davis passed “Healthy Mommies, Healthy Babies” legislation to develop Centers of Excellence for Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy, and was named a “Women’s Health Hero” by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Expanded access to cancer screenings
Sarah Davis led efforts to increase funding and expand access to health care for low-income women, including better access to breast exams and other cancer screenings.

Funding for women’s health initiatives
As the state’s lead budget writer for health care, Sarah Davis fought to increase funding for women’s health programs in Texas, providing a higher level of basic care, preventative medicine, and access to birth control. 

Greater access to postpartum depression care
Sarah Davis passed new legislation to provide postpartum depression care  to low-income women who otherwise would have no access to this care.

Sarah has received the following awards for her work on behalf of women and children:
Patient Protection Award
Texas Medical Association

Patient Care Champion
Harris County Medical Society

Recognition for Supporting the Fight Against Breast Cancer
Leading Ladies Service Group

Texas Women's Health Champion
American Council of Gynecologists

Women's Health Hero
Women's Healthcare Coalition

Senator Barry Goldwater Award
Planned Parenthood

Certificate of Appreciation for Equal Pay of Women
American Association of University Women, TX

Recognition for outstanding work & support in cancer and Hepatitis C prevention, awareness, and treatment
Prevent Cancer Foundation