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Committee Assignments and Legislative Accomplishments

Posted: June, 16, 2015

Seniority, knowledge, background, and concerns of a Member’s district are among the multiple criteria the Speaker of the Texas House uses to determine a member’s committee assignments. This session I was assigned a higher number of committees than most legislators, serving on the Calendars Committee, the Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Article II (Health and Human Services) and chaired the Appropriations Subcommittee on Budget Transparency and Reform, the Public Health Committee, and the Committee on General Investigating and Ethics.

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84th Legislative Session Overview

Posted: June, 15, 2015

The 84th Legislative Session adjourned on June 1st, and I am pleased with the many accomplishments of this session. We passed a balanced budget, provided nearly $4 billion in tax relief, invested new money in women’s and mental health, increased state budget transparency, and passed multiple measures increasing ethical transparency amongst elected officials and lobbyists.

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