Ethics and Government Accountability

Exposing Abuse and Corruption
Sarah has used her position as Chair of the General Investigating and Ethics Committee expose government abuse and corruption.

Holding Agencies Accountable
Sarah has consistently lead the charge to hold accountable the state agency and contractors responsible within the Medicaid managed care system, she exposed both abuse and neglect. 

Ethics Reform
Sarah believes in honorable public service. In the legislature, Sarah has been a champion for ethics reform, she has fought to end sweetheart deals and conflicts of interest. She has also worked to make the government contracting process more open and transparent.

Fighting for Victims

Tougher punishments for human traffickers
Sarah Davis helped to pass legislation that increased penalties for those involved in human trafficking or who commit sexual offenses against children.

Providing support for rescued victims
Sarah Davis fought for legislation to help victims put their lives back together. She authored a new law, now in effect, that protects the privacy of a victim’s identity. She also supported legislation that established a juvenile board to provide assistance, treatment, and rehabilitation to victimized children.

Human trafficking preparedness and prevention
Sarah Davis has consistently helped to pass legislation to keep the Human Trafficking Task Force alive, and to increase public awareness through public health and education initiatives. These initiatives are dragging this atrocity out of the shadows and helping to eliminate it from our community.

Justice for victims of sexual assault
Sarah Davis was an author of legislation to provide new grant funds to more quickly process the backlog of untested rape kits.

Sarah has received the following awards on behalf of her work for children:
John M. O'Quinn Award
Children at Risk

Distinguished Leadership Award
Texas Network of Youth Services

J.C. Montgomery Child Safety Award
Texas Office for Prevention of Developmental Disabilities

Improving Education

Expanded access to high quality Pre-K
Sarah helped to pass the high quality pre-kindergarten grant program that allows Pre-K expansion throughout our state. 

Local control and accountability
Sarah believes our teachers and parents know what’s best for our local schools. That’s why she supports local control for school districts, as well as improved local and state accountability systems.

Reduced testing and improved outcomes
Sarah is fighting to reduce the burdensome standardized testing regime that forces our teachers to “teach to a test.” Sarah also supports customized education paths to maximize positive outcomes for our students.

Investing in higher education
Sarah fought to allow qualifying community colleges to offer four-year degrees in nursing, applied science, applied technology, and early childhood development. This investment in our medical and science fields will alleviate workforce needs and provide an economic boost to the state.


Healthy Mommies, Healthy Babies
A passionate advocate for maternal and fetal health, Sarah Davis passed “Healthy Mommies, Healthy Babies” legislation to develop Centers of Excellence for Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy, and was named a “Women’s Health Hero” by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Expanded access to cancer screenings
Sarah Davis led efforts to increase funding and expand access to health care for low-income women, including better access to breast exams and other cancer screenings.

Funding for women’s health initiatives
As the state’s lead budget writer for health care, Sarah Davis fought to increase funding for women’s health programs in Texas, providing a higher level of basic care, preventative medicine, and access to birth control. 

Greater access to postpartum depression care
Sarah Davis passed new legislation to provide postpartum depression care  to low-income women who otherwise would have no access to this care.

Sarah has received the following awards for her work on behalf of women and children:
Patient Protection Award
Texas Medical Association

Patient Care Champion
Harris County Medical Society

Recognition for Supporting the Fight Against Breast Cancer
Leading Ladies Service Group

Texas Women's Health Champion
American Council of Gynecologists

Women's Health Hero
Women's Healthcare Coalition

Senator Barry Goldwater Award
Planned Parenthood

Certificate of Appreciation for Equal Pay of Women
American Association of University Women, TX

Recognition for outstanding work & support in cancer and Hepatitis C prevention, awareness, and treatment
Prevent Cancer Foundation