Keeping Texans Healthy

There is no other part of the state budget that the federal government controls more than in the area of healthcare.  Despite many onerous federal mandates, the state can exercise some discretionary spending. 

As the lead House budget negotiator for the healthcare, Sarah emphasized targeted funding for women’s health and for mental health initiatives.  Sarah further secured additional funds for our trauma and safety net hospitals.


But healthcare is more than just funding.  That is why Sarah’s legislative initiatives often emphasize healthcare policy.  


Since 2007, the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas’s mission has been to expedite innovation in cancer research by awarding grants to fund groundbreaking cancer research and prevention programs throughout the state.  Sarah sponsored legislation that extended the institute’s authority to award constitutionally authorized grants until 2020 to ensure that it can continue investigating in lifesaving work.  


Her “Healthy Mommies, Healthy Babies” legislative agenda included passing landmark legislation on postpartum depression, linking the screening of postpartum depression with the pediatrician’s office.