Keeping our Communities Safe

Sarah supports and has passed initiatives designed to help keep us safer from crime.  Sarah serves on the House Corrections Committee and filed legislation to investigate the assessments used by the Board of Pardons and Paroles to determine parole decisions following the senseless murder of a young Bellaire man at the hands of a person who should never have been on parole. 

Sarah voted to increase the level of security and law enforcement personnel defending our border, to take an aggressive role against human trafficking, and to create a real-time data analysis center to provide law enforcement the most up to date information possible.

Sarah supported E-Verify Expansion - a requirement for state agencies and public universities to use the E-Verify system to protect employers from using state dollars to employ those in the country illegally.

Sarah strengthened laws against those who commit crimes against children, bolstered the capabilities of law enforcement to investigate child predators, supported increased penalties for repeat offenders, and supported improvements to the Victim’s Restitution process.

She championed legislation to stop and penalize human trafficking of woman and children, cracking down on the abuse and exploitation of vulnerable individuals.

Sarah voted to ban texting while driving statewide, and filed legislation to make it easier for communities to post “No texting while driving” in school zones.

Sarah co-authored legislation that strengthens State sovereignty in enforcing immigration law by creating penalties for local entities and campus police departments who adopt or enforce policy which prohibits enforcement of immigration laws.  

 Sarah believes in protecting those who protect us.  She passed legislation that utilizes previously inaccessible federal funding to create a critical incident stress debriefing program to allow law enforcement access to mental health treatment following their involvement in a critical incident, like a mass shooting.