Fiscal Conservatism

As Chair of the House Appropriations Sub-Committee on Budget Transparency and Reform, Sarah worked hard in the 84th legislative session for real budgetary transparency for Texas taxpayers. Sarah helped eliminate nearly 20 different occupational taxes and fought to reform the use of dedicated revenue accounts. This means specific use tax collections will again be used for their intended purposes, or we will eliminate the unnecessary collections all together.

As one of the key budget negotiators, Sarah developed and voted for a balanced budget that appropriates a total of $217 billion in all funds for fiscal years 2018-2019. 

Sarah has voted for four balanced budgets that meet the needs of the state, that fund a robust Rainy Day Fund and that invested in border security.

Sarah has consistently voted for property tax cuts, and last session supported a property tax reform measure that protects taxpayers from appraisal creep. Sarah also authored legislation that would have required the re-appraisal of property damaged by a natural disaster, like Hurricane Harvey. Her reform measure passed the House in both the regular session and the 2017 special session.