Representative I need your help with the bureaucracy in Austin.

I am a licensed psychologist in Texas and have been since June 1986. I am have a very ridiculous time with the Office of the Inspector General for our state's Medicaid. In my semi-retirement I have taken on a patient population of many indigent Medicaid recipients. I am unclear when this happened, but the Texas Board of Examiners of Psychologists, my professional licensing organization, changed their license numbering system, I believe to accommodate more licenses. Thus, my 1986 license number of 3083 became at some point 2-3083. Simply, an extension was added to my previous number. After 8 years of practicing with this extended number, the people of questionable intelligence in the above-mentioned Office of the Inspector General.have decided that I am not the same person who was duly licensed in 1986, because I don't now have the same EXACT license number. Therefore, because they have arbitrarily decided that I am not the same person, even though my full name is still on the license, they have cut me off from billing Texas Medicaid because, in their view, I am no longer credentialed. I cannot be reinstated until I produce a letter to them from the Psychologists licensing board that I am indeed the same person, and that the change of number, BY ONE ADDED DIGIT was an administrative move to expand the number of licensees. I found out who is authorized to write this letter at the Board and asked her to email this letter as fast as possible, because I am dead in the water until I can get that letter. This person said to me on the phone that this is the several hundredth time that she has had to send such a letter, I would think by now that the OIG would have learned about this, but no, this is some kind of lockjaw of the mind that they have to do this to all old licensees. I asked the Board official why can't the Board send a blanket explanation about this to the OIG, and stop this waste of time and effort. She said they have tried but it doesn't change anything. Therefore, as a loyal voter to you and a constituent, I appeal to you to use your good offices to help stop this waste of these public servants time and attention, and have some kind of binding declaration sent to the OIG that, from whatever time the system changed numbering, all licensees with a four digit number before this time will be considered to be the SAME people after this time. I have, I believe, take care of this for myself now, but I would like this fixed so that none of my other colleagues will be needlessly inconvenienced by this. I am actually embarrassed to ask for this help from your busy schedule, but with regard to the OIG, the old saying that common sense isn't common applies to them, too.Please inform me at what you have found out. Thank you so much for your time and attention